a year ago
Casa Yow was an incredible experience. All the sounds and flavors!!!!Sabores y sonidos!!!!!!! The food cooked either by Miss Berta from the in-house restaurant was marvelous!!!!! I had a magical time swimming in the river and the ocean, walking the ocean and seeing the natural biodiversity of the Darien Jungle and all the water bodies. I was surrounded by different musical sounds at many times and watched Tambacum (a music group that rescues and preserves their traditional music) play a live session right next door to Casa Yow in their performance space. Through this experience, I was warmly reminded of my coastal community in my own country of birth, Ghana, as I heard the diasporic connection through sounds of the drums and voice of Jhon, the lead singer of Tambacum. We visited other communities on the coach and were always well received by the highly knowledgeable and highly intelligent folks on their ancestral and territorial lands. I learned about food sovereignty while planting...
- Alexandra C
a year ago
We visited during Dec 2021 and we had an excellent time visiting the nearby places that Yow and Yura accompanied us. Their place is authentic and their attention with us was very welcoming.
- Carlota V
9 months ago
(Translated by Google) I spent 4 nights with Yowar at Casa Yow, I was the only guest apart from a couple who spent just one night, and I always felt comfortable and comfortable with Yowar. Yowar is a super smart guy, I learned a lot from him, a very wise guy and he talked to me about nuqui, chocó, food, viche, dance, music... now I listen to music from Chocó all the time! There are really few left like Yowar trying to preserve cultural identity and traditions. He introduced me to his friends and everyone always treated me like one of their own. The house is super cute and is in the middle of a very special neighborhood full of music, where you can appreciate both the neighbors singing while they work and the rehearsals of Tambacun, Yow's group. It's a shame that I couldn't try Yow's mom's food since she wasn't there, they spoke very well about her so maybe one day she'll come back to get rid of the thorn! Many people skip staying in nuqui and go directly to the hot springs or the...
- Shei A
Somos una posada nativa y experiencia inmersiva en la cultura y tradiciones del territorio nuquíseño. Te recibimos con, músicas, viche, plantas medicinales instrumentos, gastronomía,  surf, pesca, agricultura y más.

Estamos ubicados en el bohemio barrio Calle la Virgen, un lugar lleno de danzas, músicas y murales típicas del territorio. 

Aliándonos con sabedores y sabedoras de la región, ofrecemos experiencias propias de Nuquí. Nuestro territorio cuenta con una riqueza que en cada rio, manglar y playa hay una experiencia única. Ven a vivirla.

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Oportunidades adicionales para artistas:
Ofrecemos un programa de aprendizaje para artistas que buscan tomarse un mes, tres, seis meses para avanzar en sus habilidades artísticas con maestros nativos del Golfo de Tribugá. 
Ofrecemos una semana de intercambio para muralistas con hospedaje, alimentación y actividades. 

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